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Be Vocal about Local

By VKY Store
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Be vocal about local says PM Modi.

We always think of the local market products as cheap quality and products which are imported from other countries as a class or high-quality products.

With a little support these small manufacturers (or so called local market products) can become a good Indian brands which will not only help the economy but also generate the employment and help the economy as a whole.

This will also lead in strengthening the structure of the local markets and root growth of the economy.

After the Government’s announcement to make ‘local companies global’ and to increase demand for locally manufactured goods, India’s small manufacturing units & farmers are is going to benefit from local Indian brands with increased demand.

The most cost-effective way for local brands to reach a bigger audience and create demand for their products or services will be through digital platforms.

According to some experts, the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign will change how people see the Indian local market, and in the near time, we can easily see ‘local to global‘ journey of many small brands.

In the initial phases of lockdown, there were several expectations of the eCommerce sector being enabled to cater to at least essential goods. Even before this week’s latest easing of lockdown norms allowing non-essential e-deliveries from Monday, kiranas filled this role. Kirana stores are traditional businesses and they understand the pulse and pain of their customers, being experts in the trade of food and groceries.

Food and grocery deliveries are a different ball game, and cannot be a model to be implemented overnight. eCommerce has its own strengths that can’t be compared with neighborhood stores, which account for the sale of 90% of India’s food and commodity produced. They are not only the backbone of the supply chain management but are also a basic essential part of our economy

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